The Edgy Cat Mission

Welcome to Edgy Cat Designs! I am Mary P. Domhan, creator. I am dedicated to delighting every cat lover with contemporary, abstract, feline inspired art. Like most cat owners, my cats are all rescues. Being aligned with a vegan lifestyle, I believe in compassion for all animals. Cats just happen to be my magical visual focus, as I have a deep connection with them. They have been finding me for my entire life and I swear 95% of my psyche dwells in the feline house.

This brought me to participate in TNR programs, work in cat shelters and manage community cat colonies. I call them community cats because they come from the communities that have abandoned them. They are a part of every community and deserve to be rescued and given love and kindness. The edginess that I see in these amazing survivors is what I aim to capture in my art.

Edgy Cat Designs strives to be enviro friendly, so your art prints and stationery will arrive in recycled mailers and back boards, and plant based, compostable cello bags.

Just so you know!

Love, Mary P.