Hello and thank you for visiting Edgy Cat Designs! 

Edgy Cat Designs, LLC, a one-year-old, one-woman powerhouse, specializes in creating unique, abstract, and edgy cat-themed art prints and stationery. Using watercolor, pen and ink and mixed media techniques, Edgy Cat Designs caters to a niche market of cat lovers who want to celebrate their fascination with cats through the art they surround themselves with. Edgy Cat Designs specializes in fantasy cat art prints, cards and stickers that are not just art, they're statements!


The creator of Edgy Cat Designs, Mary Domhan, is a self-taught artist who creates imagery influenced by the feline spirit and her deep connection with cats.


My dog Talya and I are fortunate to have four cats that are willing to share their lair us. These generous cats are Lulubelle, Luna Ming, Isabelle and Gigi.


As I am dedicated to an adopt don't shop ethos, all my angels are rescues from various backgrounds and situations. I could write a book!